Get Out Of Pain & Back To Training Quickly

We Offer A Tailored Approach To Your Problem, Based On Your Individual Needs And Goals, Whatever Your Background Or Injury. 
Get Out Of Pain, Move Better & Get Back Doing The Sports & Activities You Enjoy The Most By Using The Same Techniques We Use With Elite Athletes.

We Help Active People Get Out Of Pain Quickly So You Can Get Back Enjoying Your Training Without The Fear Of Your Symptoms Returning

Are you frustrated that you can not exercise in the way you would like, worried to push yourself and just want to be able to run, cycle or lift weights without that fear or worry that your injury will stop you?
You take exercise for granted until you are not able to do it, and nothing is better than the physical and mental benefits you get from keeping fit and healthy...
Which makes it tough when you can not this because of your injury.
Maybe you have had treatment before but the problem has come back again...
Or even been told to just get on with it, fobbed off and given painkillers by your GP, but you feel no better.
Maybe you hoped to see a physio in the NHS but because of a long waiting lists, you have been told it could be months before you even get an appointment.
Are are sick of that annoying pain or niggle and just want to exercise pain-free, without worry that your injury will hold you back or get worse?
Maybe you have tried resting, or some rehab exercises you found on the internet, maybe they helped, maybe they did not.
Sound like you?
If you want to get rid of your pain for good and kickstart your return from injury and stop that frustration at not being able to exercise, then let us help you out and put our tried and tested approach into action. 
Your Path To a full recovery from injury

6 Customised Recovery Stages

We have been able to help even the most complex of cases, even those that other physio's have given up on by following these simple steps...
Step 1

We Listen

We make sure we listen to your story to ensure we fully understand what is going on and how your injury is affecting you.

Step 2

We Ask Where You Want To Get To

This is highly important and is key to designing a treatment plan that will help YOU get back to the sports or activities that your injury is currently stopping you from doing.

Once we know your end goal we can put together a treatment plan that is bespoke to you and your injury.

Step 3

We Find Out Your Real Problem

Where your pain is and what is causing your pain can sometimes be different things.

We will always treat the site of your symptoms like your lower back or shoulder pain, but we will also identify what other problems might be contributing to your pain and fix both, to stop your injury coming back in the future. 

Step 4

We Use The Most Up To Date Treatment Techniques To Take Away Your Pain

We use the latest hands-on treatment techniques, mastered in professional sports settings, to reduce your pain levels so you can get back to activity as soon as possible.

Step 5

We Design A Treatment Plan Individual To You

We do not use exercise protocols or templates.

Instead we design a treatment plan that is specific to your injury, your goals and the time you have available, to ensure your plan is realistic but gets you to where you need to be as quickly as possible. 

Step 6

We Guide You At Every Step Of The Way

As your pain goes away and your movement and strength improve we continue to guide you and show you how to continue to improve and build more confidence in your body.

This part of the process is often overlooked by many healthcare practitioners and is a big reason why many people re-injure quickly after returning to higher level activities, like running, the gym or sport.

Get Out Of Pain & Back To Enjoying Your Training & Hit Your Training Goals.

We have helped 1000’s of people at Perform Ready, from all walks of life...
From gym goers, runners and triathletes...
Professional athletes and players from top sports teams from a host of different sports...

As well as non-sporting people.

Get in touch to speak to our team to see how we can help you.

Get Access To The Same Level Of Care As A Professional Athlete Using Methods That Have Been Tried & Tested At All These Places

Our therapists have also worked with the Huddersfield Giants, Castleford Tigers, England and Jamaica Rugby League and even toured with the West End Musical 'Dirty Dancing'...

And currently hold positions working with elite sporting teams such as the England Rugby Senior Men's team and the British Olympic Taekwondo team!

Get The Same Level of Care As An Elite Athlete Whatever Your Injury Or Goals

All our physiotherapists have chartered status and are part of both the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy & the Health & Care Professions Council so you can be reassured you will get the very highest level or care.